TESL Ontario has built a strong professional community of over 4500 members across the province. Our members span both the public and private sectors of elementary, secondary and adult ESL learning systems in Ontario.

Certified Membership

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Student / Volunteer / Retiree Membership

TESL Ontario Certified Membership is designed for individuals interested in teaching adult ESL in Ontario, across Canada or internationally. There are two levels of certification available:

  • OCELT (Ontario Certified English Language Teacher) Certification, designed for individuals interested in teaching English to adult learners in publicly funded and private programs in Ontario, other Canadian provinces and territories, and abroad
  • CTESOL (Canadian Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certification, designed for individuals interested in teaching in non-publicly funded programs in Ontario, in both private and publicly-funded programs in other Canadian provinces and territories, and in a variety of contexts abroad.

Annual certified membership renewal fee is $164.00 plus taxes.

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TESL Ontario standard membership is for TESL students, retirees, administrators, and other individuals who are interested in the TESL Ontario membership benefits, PD events, volunteer opportunities, etc. but do not need the TESL Ontario certification for employment. TESL Ontario standard membership is open to all members of the public; no qualifications or supporting documents are required.

TESL Ontario standard membership does not include TESL Ontario certification; therefore, standard members are not certified by TESL Ontario. However, it is necessary to be a standard member to apply for certification.

Annual standard membership fee is $80.00 plus taxes.

A TESL Ontario Student Membership is the ideal way to jumpstart your ESL career! Joining us means you can start building your professional network while taking advantage of incredible professional development opportunities. From webinars and conferences to mentoring sessions and networking events, TESL Ontario can put you on the right path to a successful career in ESL education.

Learn more about the benefits of a TESL Ontario Student Membership HERE

Retiring from active teaching but not quite ready to leave the TESL community altogether? Consider a TESL Ontario Retiree Membership! Keep all of the benefits you’re used to with TESL Ontario but at a greatly reduced membership fee to fit the retiree lifestyle.

Are you actively volunteering in the TESL community without full-time, part-time or contract employment? A TESL Ontario Volunteer Membership might be right for you! This membership level is designed for individuals who aren’t actively employed in the TESL field but are dedicating significant time as volunteers and would benefit from access to innovative professional development.

Annual student, retiree and volunteer membership fees are $54.00 + taxes.

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A membership in TESL Ontario provides you with professional credibility, a community of support, top-quality professional development, specialized resources and publications, career development and exclusive benefits.

Join TESL Ontario or renew your existing membership quickly and easily today.

Welcome New Members

At TESL Ontario, we aim to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry information, provide outstanding professional development, networking opportunities, and career development resources. We encourage you to make the most of your membership by taking advantage of our wide array of member benefits.

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Member Benefits

Explore all available TESL Ontario Membership benefits.

Education & Professional Development

Gain access to free bi-monthly webinars, monthly interactive TESL Dialogue sessions, our mentorship program and more.

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Group Insurance Partners

Access exclusive rates for health, dental, prescription, travel, home and auto coverage from our dedicated insurance partners.

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Member Savings Programs

Access exclusive savings at national retail partners, book and educational retailers, attractions and fitness centres.

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Publications & Resources

Stay up to date on best practices and trends with Contact Magazine, the TESL Ontario Blog, our Membership Minute newsletter and more.

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Online Community

Connect with colleagues and peers, network and share resource through our extensive online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tutela.

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2 Memberships for the price of one!

Free membership in one of our twelve affiliate chapters across the province for local professional development and networking.

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