AI in the ESL Classroom: Game Changer or Double-Edged Sword? – Part 2

Jen Artan, M.Ed, CELTA
August 8, 2024
7:00 - 8:30pm EDT

This is a two-part series – 90 mins for each session:
Part 1 – July 4 @ 7 pm
Part 2 – August 8 @ 7 pm

  • There is no set division as to what will be covered in each session. Ideally, all questions will be addressed by the end of the two sessions.
  • You may register for one or both sessions.
  • Note that each has to be registered for separately, based on the session date.

Part 1 video recording – If you did not attend the July 4 session, it may be beneficial to view that session’s recording before attending the August 8 one. TESL Dialogue recordings can be found on the TESL Ontario YouTube channel. [hyperlink for YouTube channel:]


  • How can generative AI personalize learning experiences for newcomers with diverse backgrounds and learning styles?
  • What ethical considerations should ESL teachers be aware of when using generative AI tools for assessment or feedback?
  • Imagine using generative AI to create immersive simulations for practicing real-world communication scenarios in Canada. How can this benefit newcomer integration?
  • Beyond language acquisition, what other skills or knowledge gaps could generative AI tools potentially help bridge for newcomers in Canada?
  • As AI technology continues to evolve, how can ESL teachers stay informed and adapt their teaching strategies to leverage the potential of generative AI effectively?

This workshop will explore the exciting world of generative AI and its potential to revolutionize Canadian ESL classrooms. We’ll uncover practical use cases to personalize learning for newcomers, explore ethical considerations, and envision immersive learning experiences. Join us for an interactive session that equips you to understand AI’s power for effective newcomer integration.


For this session, both video and audio will be mandatory for all attendees. When registering, you will be required to agree to having your video on at all times and will use audio to ask questions or comment. The host or moderator will mute and control audio settings to effectively manage participation.

Session Type: Technology

Categories: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology

Teaching Sectors: All sectors

About the Subject-Matter Expert

Jen Artan M.Ed, CELTA, is an experienced Con-Ed Instructor and Learning Support Lead with the TVDSB and Mentor with LearnIT2Teach. A panelist in TESL Ontario’s “Fireside Chat”, Jen took part in a discussion on the role of generative AI in education and has delivered AI workshops across Ontario in different sectors, including LINC, ESL, and K-12. Jen presents on such ed-tech topics as Generative AI and Google Classroom. She has worked in both the private and public sectors in addressing the need for practical, relevant, and CLB-aligned resources for learners and educators.

LinkedIn: @JenArtan

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