Creating Activities and Tasks for Multi-Levels

Selena Parker, OCELT
April 21, 2024

Do you have a lot of materials that aren’t quite good for your classroom? Do you need to teach a multi-levelled class and are not sure how to get activities and materials ready for the different levels? If so, join us for this webinar.

This presentation will show teachers a way to create activities and worksheets to engage with students in a multi-leveled class. The presenter will show examples of how to adapt premade worksheets and communicative tasks to engage students and scaffold vocabulary and grammar with repeated vocabulary use in all four skill areas.

The key points to be covered in this webinar include:

  • sharing materials in reading and writing with pre-existing materials,
  • introducing listening and speaking activities that are scaffolded to engage everyone and help practice and enhance vocabulary and grammar, and
  • introducing listening and speaking activities that you can incorporate into other skill activities and make them multi-functional and extended.

Webinar Type: Teaching Best Practices

Categories: Lesson Planning/Ideas, Listening, Reading

Teaching Sectors: Adult ESL (credit), College/University (EAP), Continuing Education/Adult ESL (non-credit), LINC

Participant Level: Beginner level

About the Presenter

Selena Parker (she/her) is an ESL teacher for adult immigrants in a small town. Selena has been teaching for over nine years. She enjoys creating different resources and materials for students to help get them to remember and learn.

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