Creative Complexities of PowerPoint

Sara Machan, OCELT
May 22, 2024
7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT

Have you ever wanted to gamify your classroom? Do you feel your presentations lack interactive elements? Do you want new ways to make your materials more student-centred? If so, join us for this webinar.

This webinar will cover PowerPoint tools that allow your presentations to be more dynamic and interactive. The presenter will show you tips and tricks to gamify your lessons and show you how to make an escape room. You will leave the webinar having learned new tech skills that will help you create engaging lessons.

The learning outcomes of this webinar include:

  • being introduced to various PowerPoint tools,
  • using AI for material creation, and
  • escape room creation.

Webinar Type: Technology

Categories: Blended Teaching/Learning, Online Teaching/Learning, Technology

Teaching Sectors: All sectors

Participant Level: All levels

About the Presenter

Sara Machan (she/her) is a multi-level ESL professor at Sheridan College, and has been teaching there for over five years. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL Plus post-graduate certificate. Her passions lie in creativity in the classroom and gamification. Her dream is to create a gamified online textbook for ESL students.



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