Drama Meets ESL, the CLBs and the PBLA

Roberta Power
May 29, 2024
7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

Have you ever used drama in your ESL classroom? Are you looking for more ways to be creative, foster community, and have fun with your learners within the criteria of the PBLA or your programming? Would you like to be amazed by your students’ pronunciation, rhythm in English, self-confidence, and ability to express themselves clearly and artistically?

This webinar will focus on how to create task-based lessons and assessments through drama, role play, scripts, video-making, radio shows, puppetry, and theatre. Attendees will watch a 10-15 minute mock court trial directed, filmed by, and starring CLB 7/8 students. The presenter will suggest resources and give ideas for improving the language/literacy skills of learners at all levels through drama.

Learning outcomes include:

  • what specific criteria and learning objectives can be met through doing different forms of drama in class,
  • how you can create a whole module from one play or drama project, and
  • how doing dramatic, role-playing activities can develop confidence, a sense of community, and overall fluency.

Webinar Type: Language Training Resources

Categories: Assessment, Blended Teaching/Learning, Grammar, Health/Mental Health, Instructional Design, Lesson Planning/Ideas, Listening, Literacy, PBLA, Pronunciation, Reading, Work/Life Balance

Teaching Sectors: All sectors

Participant Level: All levels

About the Presenter

Roberta (she/her) is a longtime LINC Instructor. Now, she is the educational consultant in Canada for New Readers Press, ProLiteracy. Two years ago, she asked if she could be their Canadian rep. after using their books in her class and witnessing how well received they were. The materials were not only highly engaging, but also very relevant to our CLBs as well as to all of our topics and themes. Additionally, Roberta has a love of the English language and the human psyche; she spreads her delight in making videos, plays, and expressive art with her students. Recently, she started a podcast on Canada’s educational network voicEd radio, where she speaks to incarcerated students and their teachers in corrections.

Website: https://www.newreaderspress.com/

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