Evaluating PBLA Portfolios

Kathy Hughes, Rana Ashkar, Lisa Herrera, and Larry Iveson
September 22, 2024
7:00 - 8:30pm EDT


  • This is a 90-min session, combining a webinar presentation and breakout-room workshop.
  • For this session, audio will be mandatory for all attendees in the breakout rooms.
  • Video use is encouraged and highly recommended.
  • Moderators may monitor audio settings to effectively manage participation.


What does it mean to evaluate a portfolio? Do you teach in a program using PBLA portfolios? Would you like a guided process on how to evaluate a portfolio reliably? If so, please join us for this webinar.

This Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) professional development session elaborates on steps found in the Practice Guidelines and guides teachers through the evaluation of one full portfolio to assign benchmarks.  Teachers and administrators are encouraged to attend in order to understand necessary steps to support a thorough, objective, and reliable portfolio evaluation process to support their programs and learners.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll achieve the following learning objectives:

  • review the IRCC definition of achieving a benchmark,
  • examine the steps to evaluate a portfolio to assign a benchmark , and
  • practice evaluating a portfolio.

Webinar Type: Teaching Best Practices

Categories: Assessment, PBLA

Teaching Sectors: LINC, Program administrators

Participant Level: All levels

About the Presenters

Kathy Hughes is a project manager with the CCLB and has a strong background in project management for training initiatives.

Rana Ashkar works with the CCLB. She has a BA in Education, a MA in English Literature, is CTESL trained, and has a background in ESL teaching and project management.

Lisa Herrera has an MA in Educational Administration from UBC and is a PBLA Regional Coach, training Lead and classroom teachers online since 2014.

Larry Iveson has been an adult literacy and adult newcomer settlement teacher since 1980. He has been a LINC PBLA Lead teacher since 2010 and a PBLA Regional Coach with the CCLB since 2013.

CCLB LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/company/centre-for-canadian-language-benchmark

CCLB website: https://www.language.ca/home/

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