Gamification for LINC Programs Using ADDIE

Brittany Hack, OCELT
July 18, 2024
8:00 – 9:00 pm EDT

Consider these questions: Do I need to be an instructional designer or ED-tech instructor to use the ADDIE model for LINC programming? Is the ADDIE model compatible with the CLB and PBLA for LINC lesson planning? Is game design applicable to any CLB level? Can game design be incorporated with non- digital solutions? Join us to learn the answers to these questions.

In this webinar, the presenter will:

  • unpack the components of the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate)
  • analyze and identify where LINC instructors can find applicable information from the CLB, PBLA and “Can Do Statements” to fill in the components of ADDIE
  • provide game options per CLB level using the revised “Bloom’s Taxonomy for Gamification”, and
  • show an example of ADDIE for CLB 1 and 5.

LINC Instructors will be able to:

  • dissect the ADDIE model for their own classroom needs for game design,
  • identify and recycle information from the CLB, PBLA, and “Can Do Statement” docs to input into the ADDIE model, and
  • choose the appropriate type (good fit or not) of game for their CLB level class.

Webinar Type: Technology

Categories: Instructional Design

Teaching Sectors: Adult ESL (credit), LINC, TESL trainers

Participant Level: Beginner level

About the Presenter

Brittany Hack (she/her) is a recent graduate from UBC, specializing in educational technology, and from the University of Saskatchewan, with a CERTESL for adult learners. Her previous work experience includes contracts with the non-profit sector for affordable housing, telecom, and energy. She and her husband enjoy experimenting with new educational software in an attempt to push it to its limit.


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