Teaching Lower Level Learners

Rachel Fourny, OCELT
November 30, 2023
8:00 – 9:00 pm EST

How do you teach a learner the alphabet and the sounds of the letters when they don’t speak a word of English? How do you communicate with them when you don’t speak or understand their language?

Teaching lower level or literacy learners can be challenging and sometimes daunting. Traditional resources often are too high for them and teachers spend more time creating or looking for usable resources.

The presenter will share best practices and tips for teaching lower level/literacy learners that remove some of the challenge and stress.

The key points to be covered in this webinar are:

  • general tips/best practices for teaching lower level/literacy learners,
  • tips/best practices for teaching speaking and listening (social etiquette – pronunciation),
  • tips/best practices for teaching reading (vocabulary, reading order), and
  • tips/best practices for teaching writing (alphabet, numbers, how to write).

There will be a handout with the tips, best practices, and resources.

Webinar Type: Teaching Best Practices

Categories: Grammar, Lesson Planning/Ideas, Listening, Literacy, Online Teaching/Learning, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing

Teaching Sectors: Adult ESL (credit), LINC, OSLT/ELT

Participant Level: No previous knowledge required

About the Presenter

Rachel Fourny (she/her) has 20+ years combined in teaching, including ESL and FSL. A certified language assessor, she has taught in both the LINC and ESL programs and served as a team lead. She is also a certified PD Partner. She holds a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa, a B.A. from Andrews University, as well as a CERTESL from the University of Saskatchewan and an i-to-i TEFL certificate from the United Kingdom.

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